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Lin de Mol is a Dutch artist based in rural Sweden and Amsterdam. She is an eclectic artist by nature, yet sees all of her work as sculptural. Even her photography can be seen as registrations of etherial sculptures that can only exist in this way: As an after-image of an event that took place in a natural landscape, often devoid of human presence. This natural world is a leading motive in all of her work and forms a continuous reference to an original, shared source of purity. Her art hovers between the tactile and the immaterial, and explores each chosen medium for its capacity for emotional expression. In her meditative sculptures and photos, we encounter nature charged with an invisible power just beyond the tangible.

Lin de Mol studied sculpture and film/video at the Rietveld Academy and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. She later attended additional studies in film- and computer technique in Dublin and the United States.
Her work covers a wide range of media; from video installations to projects in public space, photography, sculptures, short films, drawings and short stories. Her video-works and short films are distributed by the International Institute for Media Art,
LIMA (all works on view in the media library) and have been shown at international festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States.
She has exhibited internationally since 1996 and her work is part of collections in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Sweden. Since 2014 she lives and works in Sweden, where she organises the yearly light festival Arvika Ljus! that takes place every fall in the local town of Arvika.

Lin de Mol is represented by the Lang Art gallery in Amsterdam since 2011.


Hardcover Catalogue "Pioneer"
Works: 2016 - 2018      28 x 21 cm.
42 pages in full color    €35,-                        

Hardcover Catalogue "The Sound of a Humming Bee"  
Works: 2012 - 2015   
     28 x 21 cm         
49 pages in full color     €35,-                            order
Hardcover Catalogue "The Invisible World"
Works: 2019 - 2023   
     28 x 21 cm         
44 pages in full color     €35,-                            order

Hardcover Catalogue "Trá"
Works: 2004 - 2006      28 x 21 cm.
34 pages in full color    €35,-                        

Hardcover Catalogue "Heavenly Game"
Works: 2007 - 2011   
     28 x 21 cm         
34 pages in full color     €35,-                            order


Please also see:

1987-1992 Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
1995-1997 Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam
1998 International Film Program, Rockport College, U.S.A.

solo-exhibitions (selection):
2023 "The Pink Light", solo Lang Art gallery, Amsterdam
2023 "Traveling Light", solo stand Art Island, art fair IJmuiden, The Netherlands
2021 "HOME", solo Art Brussels, Belgium
2020 “Art=Medicine”, Art Rotterdam solo stand
2018 "Art=Medicine", Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad, Sweden
2017 "Pioneer", Lang Art Gallery, Amsterdam
2016 "The Healing Coat", Konstförening Kolonin, Arvika, Sweden.
2015 "The Sound of a Humming Bee", LangArt Gallery, Amsterdam
2014 “State of Bliss”, Museum Hilversum, Hilversum
2013 "Book of Determination", Lang Art Gallery, Amsterdam
2011 "Heavenly Game", Gallery Metis, Amsterdam
2006 “Trá”, Custom House Studio’s, Westport, Ireland
2002 duo show with Gabrielle Nagel, PriskaJuschka Gallery, New York, USA

group-exhibitions (selection):
2023 "Akzo Nobel Art Collection", Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2023 "Arvika Ljus!" lightfestival, Arvika, Sweden
2023 "The Invisible World", trio show with Hertha Hansson and Katrin Westman, Kristinehamn Konstmuseum, Kristinehamn, Sweden
2022 "Arvika Ljus! 37 Degrees Darkness", light festival, Arvika, Sweden
2022 "LUNA Waterstad", lightfestival, Sneek, The Netherlands
2022 "Reflector Espoo", lightfestival, Helsinki, Finland
2022 "Urban Nature", Sint Joris Kerk, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
2022 "WALLSTREET", outdoor exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden
2021 "White Smoke", Langart Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2021 "Berättelse om Klimatet", Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Karlstad, Sweden
2021 "Biennale Le Latitudini dell’Arte", The Hague, The Netherlands
2021 "PAN Amsterdam," art fair, The Netherlands
2021 "Arvika Ljus! Mörkret", light festival, Arvika, Sweden
2020 "Ruralität", Rackstad Museet, Arvika, Sweden
2019 "Pan Amsterdam", artfair, the Netherlands
2020 "Arvika Ljus! Var inte Rädd för Mörkret", light festival, Arvika, Sweden
2019 "Biennale Le Latitudini dell’Arte", Genua, Italy
2018 “A Nowhere Girl from a Nowhere Land”, Alma Löv Museum of Unexpected Art, Sunne, Sweden
2015 "MIA Art Fair", International Photography Art Fair, Milan, Italy
2015 "Panorama", a tribute to Carol Rama, Turin, Italy
2015 "Todestriebe", Fondazione Merz, Milano, Italy
2014 "The Others", Contemporary Art Fair, Turin, Italy
2014 "Oh My God", museum Hilversum, Hilversum, Holland
2013 "To Catch A Falling Feather", Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
2011 "Auf Papier", Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden, Germany
2009 “Holland Experience”, ArtCenter Nabi, Seoul, Korea
2006 “Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin”, roARaTorio
2005 “Artissima:, Milano, Italy
2005 "Crysalis", New Dutch video art in Italy, Swabian Castle, Bari, Italy
2002 "Femmes de l'Image”, Institute Neerlandais, Parijs, France
2002 Open Studios, ISCP, New York, U.S.A

art collections:
Stockholm Konst, Statens Konstråd, Offentlig Konst Uppsala, Konstenhet Värmland.
The Netherlands:
Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, ABN Amro, Caldic Collection, LUMC Art Foundation, UMC Art
Foundation,AMC Art Foundation, AEGON Art Foundation, DELA Art Foundation, The NORMEC Group

and various private collections in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy.

2022 Arvika Ljus! "37 Degrees Darkness", light festival, Arvika, Sweden
2021 Arvika Ljus! "Contemplation Darkness", light festival, Arvika, Sweden
2020 Arvika Ljus! "Var inte Rädd för Mörkret", light festival, Arvika, Sweden

2005 Helena Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico Grant, USA
2002 “Jurors Choice Award”, ASUAM filmfestival, Arizona, USA
1998 “Commission to Young Artists”, Prins Bernhard Fonds

2000 Road Map, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Stroom en Kunstkanaal
1999 Tension Tamer 2 videoinstallation - Amsterdam Exchanges, Amsterdam
1998 Tension Tamer 1, Commission to Young Artists, Prins Bernhard Fonds: Penetentiary Asylum for Women

2010 Project grant for "Origin", The Dutch Film Fund
2006 Work grant Mondriaan Fund
2003 Project grant "Lessons in Lightness", Mondriaan Fund
2001 Work grant Mondriaan Fund
1999 Work grant Mondriaan Fund
1997/98 Work grant Mondriaan Fund

2014 Cill Rialaigh, Kerry, Ireland
2013 Cill Rialaigh, Kerry, Ireland
2009 Herhúsid, Siglufjordur, Iceland
2008 The Heinrich Böll Association, Achill Island, Ireland
2004 Custom House Studio's, Westport, Ireland
2002 ISCP, International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, U.S.A
2001 Arthouse, Multimedia Centre for the the Arts, Dublin, Ireland