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Three short stories are told by a young woman. As she speaks, the images of the film resemble the text, but form a seperate reality. Each story becomes a contemplation on the gap between reality and inner experience, and her wandering between the two.
As an installation, the films play sequential on 3 monitors, from one monitor to the other. When not
playing, a key- image of the film is shown as a still, until it's next turn.
Duration of one cycle: 6.29 min.

DVD, Color, HiFiStereo
duration: 3 min.
distributed by the Netherland Institute for MediaArt, LIMA, and on view in their
media library.

'...all sort of damaged and torn...'
'...a static companion...'
'...and a carabine type of gun...'
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About Green Things
© Lin de Mol 1999